Fahari Ladies Hostels

About The Hostel

Located along sore road at Gate 748. The hostel is idea for student due to close proximity to transport and it's near Railway Training institute & Mass communication institute.

Pricing (Click on sharing)
  • Monthly at Kshs.9300 paid once per head

Total Amount 10300 Ksh

Moving in requirements: Monthly rent Ksh. 9300 Registration fee Ksh. 1000

  • Tv Room
  • Hot Shower
  • Homely made Breakfast and Dinner
  • Close proximity to universities, supermarkets, hospitals and matatu stage/railway station.
  • clean and constant water supply
  • Free WI-FI Free
  • Homely made Breakfast and Dinner on weekends

House Rules
  • Any Act Of Culminate Or Breach Of Peace And Other Damage Of Property Are Prohibited
  • All Hostels Residents Are Expected To Respect One Another And Maintain Good Neighbourliness
  • All Matters Relating To Differences Among Students And Complaints Against Theft Shall Be Brought To The Notice Of The Hostel Management.
  • Hostel Fee Payment Must Be Made Within 1 Week Of The Month.
  • Possession, Distribution And/or Consumption Of Alcoholic Beverages, Prohibited Drugs, Any Form Of Narcotics, , Gambling.
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Booking Details

Hostel: Fahari Ladies Hostels

Gender: FEMALE

Agent/Landlord: Fahari Hostels

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