Our listing process

Currently, we do not allow listing owners the autonomy to simply upload their content. This is because we want to build trust and authenticity for our user base, ensuring that every listing is as it is offline.

As such, we follow the listing process below:

  1. Request submission: The listing owner sends a request asking to be added on the platform. To request for listing to be added, send an email to room(at)katanawebworld.com and our team will be in touch no later than 48 hours.
  2. Site survey: Our listing agents visit the hostels personally to check the condition, location and verify all the ammenities as well as pick up other information.
  3. Photography session: We conduct a photography session of the listing and its environs to be uploaded on the site.
  4. Data entry and confirmation: Our listing agent enters on the information about the listing and sends to the owner to verify that all the data is accurate and a true representation.
  5. Publishing: The final step is to publish the content.

Legal Agreements

Before we can conclude our partnership, it's a requirement for the listing owner and Roometo to get into a legal agreement outling our working relationship.

This is to ensure a clear working framework and relationship is established.

What we look for in listings

We do not guarantee that every request will result into a listing. We are very strict around which listings we publish on the platform.

The listing owner must share our core-values and principles. Above all, the listing must embody our philosophy of "putting the students need first before anything else". Additionally other quality metrics such as security, adequate ammenities and fair pricing must also be met.

Is Roometo free ?

We do not charge listing owners any amount to have their listings up on the platform. However, we are a business and need to be sustainable. As such, we charge a small 10% commission for every direct booking made through the platform.