Super Highway Hostels

About The Hostel

It is located close to Imani hostel, near KM market. Ideal for Kenyatta university students.

Pricing (Click on sharing)
  • Monthly at Kshs.20000 paid once per head
  • Monthly at Kshs.13000 paid once per head

Total Amount 1000 Ksh

  • Tv Room
  • study room
  • Homely made Breakfast and Dinner

House Rules
  • Gate Closes At 10 Pm
  • Any Act Of Culminate In Breach Of Peace And Order, Damage Of Property Are Prohibited
  • Visitors Are Not Allowed Into The Compound After 6.00 Pm
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Booking Details

Hostel: Super Highway Hostels

Gender: ALL

Agent/Landlord: Super Highway hostel

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